EMSone(Complete Employee Management system)

We are pleased to offer you a software system which manages your attendance management system and payroll.
EMS contains all core functional modules which are being operated in different organizations.We are
continuously improving our application to give you more reliable, tested and user friendly software
services.Many industries are using finger print time attendance machine, facial identification and
retina verification. Our Software works with all of these technologies. OneWindowsol offers you SMS
alert system with these devices employee want to know the exit and entrance time of their employ on
real time basis Managers don’t want to wait for prolong process for Employ INs and Out time.


Salient features:-

Employ Management system make employee easy to manage employs.
* Multi company system.
* Manage your employ attendance and payroll in single window.
* Integrated with all reliable biometric devices.
* User friendly GUI.
* Can be customize on demand.
* Complete Attendance Management system integrated with biometric devices.
* SMS Alert to team lead /managers on arrival of employ in organization’s premises.
* Process Salary on single click.