Student Security System

Student Security System

OnewindowSol first time in Pakistan developed biometric student security system for institutes. Children’s are most important human being for parent’s life now a day’s security issues are raising in our country secuChild system let you know where is your child at his school time by generating the SMS alert notification on parents mobile on students IN and OUT from school Smart management of schools, colleges and universities are adopting newer means of technology to improve the facilities for their students and students parents as well.

How Secu-Child system Works ?

Secu-Child is available in two different type of technology


Biometric Secu-Child

Biometric student security system generate sms when student mark his finger print or student identity card on biometric device the system generate SMS alert to parent as student mark his attendance on biometric machine, Secu child system provide you complete student attendance management system with daily, weekly monthly student performance report.

UHF reader Secu-Child

OneWindowSol work on UHF technology we provide student identity card with UHF programmable chips student can wear the card or he/she can wear a wrist band as student enters in school main gate the UHF reader which will be installed on school main gate will read the tag or wristband and send the command to server for sending sms alert to parents mobile phone number.


  • Immediately SMS Alert to the Parents as soon as Student enter or exit the School/College Premises.
  • Send Absent notification when student could not reach school just after 15 minutes of his/her shift time.
  • Automatically maintain daily Attendance of the Student.
  • Automatically maintain Monthly Attendance of the Student.
  • Emails the monthly students report to their parents with total attendance ins & outs
  • You can send Announcement sms to student or parents for events etc
  • Send SMS daily home work diary notes to parents
  • Send students complain or suggestion to parents via SMS alert (Optional)


Clearing forwarding Software


CFOne is a preeminent Clearing forwarding management system which manages company’s complete clearnance operation from starting a job to income statement of a company. CFOne provides end to end check on financial flow in the company. Our tested application is best for SME’s, it best fits in all type of Clearing forwarding business either it’s a small or medium size of organization. OneWindowSol solution work for customize application development we can configure this system according to your organization’s need. CFOneis windows based application we have developed it on latest technology of Microsoft dot net framework as well as for database we are using Microsoft SQL server Express addition which is best compatible for this application. This application unbound your modular approach by using application setup module.

Software customization Approach:-

Every Business run custom business process to achieve its business and functional requirement different type of businesses comprise of different business process we have analyzed several businesses in all over Pakistan specially Clearing forwarding companies they have a common financial engine with minor process OneWindowsol provides you not only a software system we provide you best after sale service we manage your database your software installation and other related issue our team remain queriesto hear from for software support you can call our dedicated software developer any time during office hour for our best support.

Best After sales Support:-

We don’t sale our software we make continues relationship with our customer by providing them best after sales support services software is nothing without continues support and maintenance our team monitor your software on weekly basis and fix issues if it found. Continues relationship with our customer made our company unique among the market our software is running in Karachi Pakistan and UAE JAFZA all the clients are happy and enjoying our services.